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What conference organizers say

Before we tallied the survey results, we knew Doug’s keynote had gone over well. We heard the applause and frequent laughter ourselves. Even as we collected the survey, we noticed handwritten comments like “Doug Lansky was an amazing speaker, very engaging!” and “Doug Lansky was fabulous!” Now, having gone through all the surveys, we can tell you his presentation was extremely popular. In fact, the surveys show it was the most popular (and useful) we’ve had since I started planning the conference!


Multiple attendees quoted Doug as being the best keynote they can remember. With over a 1,000 attendees this is something to be said with people coming back year after year.


Lansky had the audience in stitches as he delivered a much-needed lesson to the City’s travel and tourism industry. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with some describing his talk as the highlight of the conference.

Doug Lansky’s keynote presentation is the best in the travel industry.  Funny, insightful, and full of tips to help make people more successful travel marketers.


Keynote Topics


What The Smartest Destinations Are Doing Right

Doug Lansky, presents the best practices of forward-thinking destinations from around the world. With more destinations than ever competing for visitors, you need to get a step a head by finding out what works and what doesn't . . .

How to Create
A World-Class

Travel, like almost all industries, is in a constant state of transition. That means no matter how much success your destination has achieved, the strategy that worked yesterday to get you there is unlikely to carry you to the place you'd like to be. The most successful destinations are constantly looking to adapt to the impending changes and even stay two or three steps ahead. Doug Lansky will teach hotels, tour companies, attractions, and the entire destination how to . . .

Winning Tourism Strategy

DMOs were set up as a marketing "offense." They are trying to figure out the best way to 1) Push people who’ve demonstrated some intent to visit further down the purchasing funnel and 2) Inspire new demand among those who weren’t considering a visit. Doug can explain Big Data in simple terms and show which content is actually generating visitors (not just "likes" or "shares'). As many coaches often tell their players: “The best offense is a good defense.” It’s the same with tourism. . .

Recent and Bestselling


Nearly 10 books, several hundred thousand copies sold, an award or two, and one “International #1 Bestseller” (in New Zealand).

Doug Lansky

Doug Lansky has been living abroad and traveling for the last 20 years in over 120 countries. He is the author of 10 books, including 3 for Lonely Planet and 3 for Rough Guides. Doug had a weekly syndicated travel column in over 40 newspapers for five years, hosted a Travel Channel show, served as a correspondent for Public Radio’s Savvy Traveler show, served as travel editor for Scandinavian Airlines inflight magazine for three years and, more recently, as Destinations Editor and columnist for Skift. He has contributed to publications such as National Geographic Traveler, Reader’s Digest, Esquire, Men’s Journal, The Guardian, National Geographic Adventure, and Huffington Post. On the speaking circuit, Doug has given acclaimed lectures at nearly 100 universities, spoken to a sold-out audience at National Geographic Headquarters, for the United Nations World’s Tourism Organization, as an after-dinner speaker at corporate events, and filled the largest halls at ITB Berlin for four years in a row.

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