How to Manage Tourism

Destination Management has become legendary in tourism. That is, it’s often talked about and seldom seen.

Ford’s Model T was unveiled in 1908, but it wasn’t until 1935 that the world saw its first parking meter.  Traffic lights, lit road signage, painted lines on roads, speed limits and driver’s education didn’t occur overnight, but were born out of the nightmare that traffic had become and more and more cars were sold.  Similarly, we’ve seen tourism’s steady increase in numbers over the years, but the industry has been reluctant to impose any sort of limitations on numbers of visitors, restrictions on visitor behavior, or set up the sort of management that theme parks have long embraced to increase profits and ensure a high level of visitor satisfaction.

Just as a traffic light speeds up the flow of traffic by stopping it at deliberate intervals, tourism has much to gain by smart management.

In this presentation, Doug takes a closer look at best practice from around the world and shows what smart policies and technologies can be put in place today to maximize tourism revenue and elevate the visitor experience.

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