Destination Advisor and Tourism Expert

Doug doesn’t just give keynotes. Many destinations choose to take advantage of his time in country to get some additional feedback.

Doug is often asked to arrive several days early to go through the current masterplan and help find elements to implement or update. He typically visits tourist attractions and/or meets with key stakeholders and can provide immediate feedback to the stakeholders and entire destination. It’s also common to meet with city planners and even interested politicians. He has served as an ongoing advisor for bigger projects and can recommend specialized consultants from his global contacts to help with specific issues, from overtourism to sustainability to improved visitor experience to increasing the average visitor spend.

Arriving early also allows Doug to get a better idea of what’s happening in the destination, key issues and the pulse of the stakeholders so he can better customize his keynote.

On a recent trip to New Zealand organized by the Auckland Airport, they sent Doug to test out some of the local activities and sent along a film crew.

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