Rebuilding Stronger, Smarter After Coronavirus


Our response to Covid has actually created some smart habits.  Consider an athlete who gets injured. At rehab, the physical therapist helps them regain movement and strengthen the injured muscles. But as part of the rehab program, the athlete is told to stretch regularly. This stretching may help speed up recovery, but is also a habit that they should embrace indefinitely to prevent future injury to that part of the body. Similarly, Covid has brought us social distancing, which also means more space, limited availability, more reliance on advance online bookings, a more exclusive experience and the change to charge higher fees.  Flattening the curve is another way to look at limiting visitors. All of this points toward a quality-over-quantity strategy, a focus on local life quality and tourism management.  Even as Covid lifts with more immunity and vaccinations, destinations would do well to continue to build on many of these strategies.

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