SMART TOURISM: Great Lessons from Smart Destinations

 We talk about creativity and innovation, but ask any international traveler and they’ll tell you that destinations are increasing looking alike. With Starbucks, McDonalds, H&M, Hilton, Marriott, and a dozens of other franchises. it’s not much of a surprise. More recently, destinations have been copying things like The London Eye ferris wheel and ziplines.   

Destinations are simply copying the wrong thing… better to copy best practice policies on destination management, new ways to maximize revenue while limiting visitors and protecting key assets or get inspired by other destinations creative development and attractions to take chances with their own unique ideas.  People travel to experience something they don’t have at home, and they appreciate a destination that is truly unique, so allowing the destination to become “international” (cluttered with international brands) is the precise opposite of the sort of USP strategy that every marketing executive will espouse.   

In this presentation, Doug not only shows best practice on the policy and development side from around the world, he explains the best lessons that destination can take away from these. 

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