Keynote Reviews

“Doug hit a Grand Slam with his presentation at our annual conference.  He engaged with our folks and participated in our sessions. his closing talk encapsulated two days of sessions and speakers and wrapped up our conference perfectly.”

Bill Lupfer, President, CEO, Florida Attractions Association


“Doug’s keynote at our annual tourism conference wasn’t just a success. He received the highest review scores we’ve ever recorded.  Not only did Doug come prepared with some customized advice, we have since used it, and it works! He helped us solve some of our difficult congestion issues regarding the Outer Banks and improve the visitor experience.”

Heidi Walters, Visit NC, Director, Partner & Industry Relations


“Doug was a joy to work with throughout the year. He was full of ideas, understood the audiences and objectives of the sessions. Doug produced a number of engaging and thought-provoking sessions, which proved highly popular with WTM London’s participants. He has also proved very helpful in giving ideas to shape future events.”

Paul Nelson, WTM Portfolio Press & PR Manager, WTM London


“Doug Lansky was a hit at our annual conference.  He is a very engaging speaker and did a great job in tailoring the presentation to apply to a diverse audience.  Doug’s keynote on the Next Big Ideas in Travel also provided tremendous value to the attendees and got them thinking outside the box.”

Jennifer Roush, Sr Director of Operations, Texas Travel Industry Association


“Doug Lansky’s keynote speech at the annual tourism conference aligned perfectly with Aruba Tourism Authority’s new direction as a Destination Marketing and Management Organization. Doug emphasized the importance of the shift, as well as provided valuable insights for stakeholders and staff. We are thrilled to continue to fine-tune our strategies on destination development and management and appreciate Doug’s energy and enthusiasm for Aruba Tourism Authority’s new orientation as we continue to drive markets to experience our award-winning beaches and authentic culture.”

Ronella Tjin Asjoe – Croes, CEO, Aruba Tourism Authority


Doug Lansky was wonderful throughout the whole planning process. From pre-conference, at the conference and after his presentation, Doug was there to be assistance to our attendees making sure he was delivering above expectations! Multiple attendees quoted Doug as being the best keynote they can remember. With over a 1,000 attendees this is something to be said with people coming back year after year.

Kylie Olanowski, Director of Operations and Events, Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism


Doug was able to connect, inspire, and educate our diverse industry. The outstanding message not only cultivated relationships and inspired all of us with interesting concepts, it reminded us what truly does matter when making your destination shine. I would recommend Doug to deliver an outstanding keynote—your attendees will be inspired!

Carrie Koelker, Executive Director Eastern Iowa Tourism Association


Doug Lansky’s presentation is the best in the travel industry.  Funny, insightful, and full of tips to help make people more successful travel marketers.

Rich Grant, Communications Director, Visit Denver


Doug was the closing keynote speaker at the Travel Alberta Industry Conference held in Banff Alberta October 2013. I was so impressed that he actually attended the entire conference and made a point of speaking to many of the attendees. He reflected this is his keynote and provided a humorous, informative and thought provoking session that was perfect for our conference.
Nancy Smith, Travel Alberta

Official tally results from Travel Alberta’s attendee review cards

97% rated Doug’s performance either “very good” or “excellent” (40% Very Good, 57% Excellent)


Before we tallied the survey results, we knew Doug’s keynote had gone over well. We heard the applause and frequent laughter ourselves. Even as we collected the survey, we noticed handwritten comments like “Doug Lansky was an amazing speaker, very engaging!” and “Doug Lansky was fabulous!” Now, having gone through all the surveys, we can tell you his presentation was extremely popular. In fact, the surveys show it was the most popular (and useful) we’ve had since I started planning the conference in 2006!

Gayle Junnila, Explore Minnesota Tourism

Doug Lansky not only reminds our industry of the importance of selling the experience of the travel journey, he does it with humor and insight. Mr. Lansky opened my eyes and reminded me it’s not about us… it’s about our guests and what they experience while visiting which makes them return.

Ted Sullivan, MMGY Global

Informative and entertaining Doug Lansky was great. He brought our conference up to a higher level.

Jane Bostic, West Virginia Tourism


Doug Lansky recently served as keynote speaker during Maine’s 2013 Governor’s Conference on Tourism. His presentation, “Creating the World’s Best Destination—How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes in the Travel Industry,” engaged more than 400 members of Maine’s tourism industry and set a positive, enthusiastic tone for the remainder of the day.

From research, we knew Doug was well respected as a freelance writer, author and television host, as well as his energetic style and humor. We found that to accurately describe his presentation style, which was informative and entertaining.

The feedback we received from attendees was very positive. Attendees cited his presentation as a highlight of the conference and praised him for encouraging the audience to think differently and for challenging them.
Doug Lansky is an engaging and dynamic speaker whom I would recommend to travel and tourism organizations looking to bring energy and a unique outlook to their event or conference.

Carolann Ouellette, Director, Maine Office of Tourism


The enthusiasm and energy that Doug brought to the Yukon was evident both in the way that he spoke to the crowd during his presentation and the way that he spoke to individuals one-on-one. His love of learning was also apparent – he was as eager to listen to his audience and learn from them as he was to
speak about the multitude of things that he has experienced during his travels over the years.

As a presenter, Doug is well spoken, informative and engaging. He is a gifted story teller, with many a story to share. He had the audience laughing, thinking, participating in activities and asking questions – and this was at the end of a long day of consecutive info sessions!

Doug’s knowledge of travel marketing, including best practices (and worst practices!) that he has seen firsthand, was invaluable information for all those who attended his presentation. He was able to draw
comparisons with other regions, to show that the message relayed through travel marketing is every bit as important as the product being marketed. By the end of Doug’s visit to the Yukon, he already had a number ideas that he was willing to share as to how to market the Yukon more effectively.

I would highly recommend Doug to any organization such as ours, which is looking for a talented speaker with years of world travel experience. If you are looking to engage a crowd and to teach them about how to best promote their region of the world, look no further than Doug Lansky.

Blake Rogers, Executive Director, Tourism Industry Association-Yukon  


Dear Doug,

It was such a pleasure having you in Yakima – thank you! You delighted our audience with your humor, and they may have even learned a few things too, in between laughs. Our next speaker will be on a much more serious topic so your light hearted and hilarious presentation is just what we were looking for to round out the mix of this season.

And the board really loved getting to know you and appreciated your approachable, non-diva style. You made both the dinner and the day of the event fun for us by being yourself.

We all wish you the very best in your future travels and with your family in Sweden. Thank you again for making our event fun.


Gail Myllenbeck, Yakima Town Hall